Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vince Scarpuzzi Mug Shots

Here are some fun pictures of your host, Aaron Christner. Here is his booking photo from December 23 2000, when Mr. Christner was arrested for DUI, Failure to Appear and Criminal Trespass...
You know, now that I look at this, it reminds me of the Village People. Maybe Mr. Christner was the sailor in "YMCA"?
Aaron Vincent Christner (Vince Scarpuzzi) DUI Mug Shot

Aaron Vincent Christner (Vince Scarpuzzi) DUI Mug Shot
Here's another favorite of mine... Aaron from 2006. Man, only six years apart, and about 5 pounds less hair. Where did all that hair go, Aaron? Or are you Vince in this picture? No matter....
If you know anything about Aaron, you probably have heard that he loves the MJ. Here is a booking photo from Aaron/Vinces’ big pot bust. If you are gonna smoke it, you are gonna get caught at some point, right? Don’t do the time if you don’t look good in orange, Vinnie! He was also charged with possession of paraphernalia and criminal trespass. He seems to dig criminal trespass, huh?

Aaron Vincent Christner (Vince Scarpuzzi) Drug Bust Mug Shot

Aaron Vincent Christner (Vince Scarpuzzi) Drug Bust Mug Shot

This shot is close to how Mr. Christner looks today... except his hairline has receeded a lot more.
In addition to the December 2000 DUI bust and the 2006 possession bust that we have mug shots from, it seems that Mr. Aaron Christner was also busted in February of 2000 for Driving Without Registration, Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs and Driving On Denied License. Mr. Christner plead guilty to the first two counts, so the third was dropped.

Wow, what a winner!

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