Thursday, July 19, 2012

Accomplish Learning Group SCAM

Accomplish Learning Group is run by two guys with a long and sordid history- Vince Scarpuzzi (also known as Aaron Christner) and Ari Schwimmer (also known as Ryan Scott Jensen). These two guys are a couple of the biggest losers in business dominated by low-lifes. They have owned and run various sites like Mad Cow Productions, Accomplish Learning, Diverse Marketing and others, all of which have been cited or ordered closed by the State of Utah. Mr. Christner and Mr. Jensen are accused on various Internet forums of ripping everyone they know off- customers, clients, employees and vendors- and still they delude themselves into thinking the world is out to get them! Wow!

Our hope is to get the truth about the way these two guys operate out there for all to see. Yes, we do not let them, we have been ripped off by them in the past. But we do not expect you to believe us. We have tried to document every charge here, and show back up for everything we allege. We can show other people who have similar experiences. Ultimately, you can make up your mind if you want to do business with them. But at least you will have information.

You may have noticed that Messer’s Scarpuzi and
Schwimmer have aliases, noted above. Depending on who they want to be that day, they can change back and forth between these names. Sometimes even during a single phone call. So we are just saying make sure you know who you are talking to!

In addition to using multiple names, they have also started many different businesses. When one gets closed down, they move on to the next name, leaving customers unsupported and employees unpaid. By our count, these two have had five of their previous businesses closed down and fined by various states.

The latest action against the pair concluded on July 18th, when the State of Utah closed down Accomplish Learning Group. Accomplish is already rated "F" by the BBB (as are all of Mr. Scarpuzzi and Mr. Schwimmer's other businesses!) Testimony in that case showed that Accomplish was just a front set up under a third parties name but secretly run by Schwimmer and Scarpuzzi. You see, because of previous infractions, the State of Utah has banned both men from running any telemarketing firm in Utah.Testimony in this case showed two just started up Accomplish using the identity of one of their employees. Turns out they did even more. They used the same identity to finance their iPhones, telephone systems, bank accounts and other personal items- all unknown to the employee. Nice Guys!

It is interesting to note that neither Mr. Scarpuzzi or Mr. Schwimmer were man enough to go to court or even attempt to defend themselves, and thus received a default judgement.You will see that is a pattern with these two; they can't defend themselves because they have no defense.

Mr. Scarpuzzi and Mr. Schwimmer first hit our radar screen in 2008 when they formed Diverse Marketing.

As noted on BBB report:
...the Utah Division of Consumer Protection issued a Final Order by Default against Diverse Marketing LLC, Simplified Marketing LLC, Ryan Scott Jensen and Aaron Vincent Christner ("Respondents"). The Respondents .... were also ordered to cease and desist from: a) making or causing to be made untrue material statements or failing to disclose material facts necessary to make any statements made not misleading in connection with a telephone solicitation; and b) any act in violation of the Utah Telephone Fraud Prevention Act.

When Diverse was closed down by this order in 2009 (Again, note it was a default order, meaning neither Mr. Scarpuzzi or Mr. Schwimmer bothered to defend themselves or even show up in court), they created Level 11 Mentoring. That company had a history of not paying employees and lackluster results. Level 11 was closed in 2010, and Aaron and Ryan high-tailed in out of Utah to Idaho. There they started their Mad Cow Productions for a while, as an affiliate for Apply Knowledge Institute and Thrive Learning. (That these two worked with Thive should just send shivers down your back!) They were obviously back in Utah by May of 2011, because that is when Ryan Scott Jensen got his ass thrown in jail for theft. Around this same time, they used an employees identity and started Accomplish Learning Group and The Black Box Firm.

So let’s talk about all the scams these two have run. Mainly telemarketing, but with a twist. You see, Mr. Scarpuzzi and Mr. Schwimmer have not just been charged with misrepresenting to customers over the phone- they seem to have a history rip off people face-to-face! They steal from employees, bounce checks and don't pay their bills on time. But don't take my word for it, lets look around the web and see who has complaints against Vince Scarpuzzi and Ari Schwimmer !
Did you see that- Marti was ripped off for 5 grand! Don't let that happen to you! And if you do not believe me, or the post above, do a little bit of due diligence yourself. Google search these terms:
That should get you going. And if that is not enough, call the State of Utah, Utah Division of Consumer Protection at 801-530-6601 or 1-800-721-SAFE. Ask for Adam Watson.

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  1. Boy, where to start? This is all such a jumbled mess.

    I was contacted by Accomplish Learning about setting up a web site and getting an e-commerce income stream. I was going to get a full fledged business, website, seo, and top of google rankings. Accomplish set me up with financing (which in itself turned out to be an expensive scam). Then they turned me over to their partners "The Black Box Firm". to coach me and make my site.

    So after a few weeks, I finally get my website. It is pretty cheesy looking, and I say so. They don't care- they say they did their bit, and they want 5K. And they want even more money to get the SEO going and get the Google ranking.

    Needless to say, anyone who promises you top of google is a scam. And so I looked into this more, and found out this is just a continuation of a scam these guys are famous in Utah for. It seems there are two guys named Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen (I think- they have a few aliases, but I think this is their real names!). Every year or so, the Utah Depart ment of Consumer Affairs shuts them down and fines them, and then they pop up under a new name, and start scamming people again. I looked up their previous company's with BBB, and they all score an "F"- look here:

    Accomplish Learning Group (
    Diverse Marketing LLC (
    Simplified Marketing LLC (
    The Black Box Firm LLC (

    At least they are consistent, huh? From the reports at the BB online, it looks like they just abandon their customers after a couple months. I can say that is EXACTLY my experience. They do not even answer their phones any more when I call! Why should they- they got my money already!

    They must have pissed off a lot of people, because there are a LOT of complaints about them on the Interwebs. I see from some posts that they also do not pay their bills or their employees. Nice guys. I googled some more, and I found some very well researched sites into this scam. Here is one site with a lot of background on The Black Box Firm (, including court documents backing up the claims and court cases against Aaron Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen. Here is a similar site showing the Accomplish Learning Group scam (

    Along the way, I also see that Christner and Jensen are trying to muddy the water with sites of their own, claiming they are nice guys and give to charity and all. I seriously doubt that... and there certianly is no documentary proof of it. The above linked sites show actual court judgements against Christner and Jensen, and new ones every year. I think it is obvious who is pulling the scams here!

    My advice- if you get a call from anyone- research it closely on the web. If you get a call from Christner and Jensen, hang up immediately. These two are no good at all!