Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ari Schwimmer, Mug Shots

Here's our good buddy Ryan Scott Jensen... known to some as Ari Schwimmer. This is a booking photo from May 18 of 2011, so this is fairly recent. The good Mr. Jensen was arrested for theft of services. Judging by the smirk, Mr. Jensen seems rather pleased with his little theft, too. Oh, Ryan, I dropped the soap, would you mind picking it up? You look so good in orange…
Ryan Scott Jensen (Ari Schwimmer), Telemarketing Scammer
Ryan Scott Jensen (Ari Schwimmer), Mug Shot
Mr. Ryan Scott Jensen was also previously busted on December 26, 2006, the day after Christmas. Jensen seemed to be celebrating the holidays in his favorite way, getting baked. He was charged and found guuilty of two counts of illegal possession and use of a controlled substance, and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Case number 061501940 in St. George, Utah.

There is also the case of a Mr. Ryan S. Jensen from 2006. We will be honest, we are not sure if this is the same Ryan Jensen, but we would not be surprised if it is. In fact, we would be more surprised if it isn't. So, in the intrest of being thorough, a Ryan S. Jensen was busted in Manti for possession and use of a controlled substance. This was in June of 2006. Mr. Jensen was found guilty.

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