Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Accomplish Learning the Same Company As The Black Box Firm?

It is a very good question... and a Christner Aaron and Ryan Jensen do not want you to look too closely!

The short answer is that they are the hands left and right of the same person. It may not look like at first... but when you look closely, it is clear! Accomplish Learning Group had a 5525 900 East South, Salt Lake City, UT address. We say HAD, because they have since moved... 6135 to South Stratler Street Suite A, Murray, UT 84107. Strange, is not The Firm Black Box also to 6135, Street South Stratler a suite, Murray, UT 84107? It is safe to assume it is! The Black Box Firm is a limited company registered in Oregon on August 9, 2011, with a current registered agent named Aaron Christner. Before January 2012, registered agents were Vince Scarpuzzi (a known alias of Aaron Christner) and Colin Hughes. Accomplish Learning Group LLC is registered in Idaho to Colin Hughes. He also holds (well he held!) Telemarketing Utah permit no. 8013463-TLMO (in particular, The Black Box Firm does NOT have such a license, and is legally excluded from holding such a license). On the surface, the two companies work closely with Accomplish Learning Group sending clients they called and cultivated to The Black Box Firm for fulfillment. Exclusive, btw. When the two businesses were at separate addresses across Murray Utah from each other, it was not uncommon for Christner to work at Accomplish Learning Group for weeks at a time, rather than at the Stratler Street address. So that in and of itself is a link between the two. A link perhaps more damning is that both The Black Box Firm and Accomplish Learning Group have the same e-mail administrator... Ari Schwimmer (a known alias of Ryan Scot Jensen). Both companies have their Go Daddy accounts registered to Ari Schwimmer. In early 2012, the Accomplish Learning office was closed, and the operations were moved to the Stratler Street address. Here is a picture of the telemarketing unit set up inside The Black Box Firm office on Stratler Street:
 Strangely, Universal Account Servicing- the company that services Accomplish Learning Group's accounts- has Accomplish Learning Group's account being registered to Schwimmer. And Accomplish Learning Group's account with Duvera Financial...take a guess. That's right, also set up by Ari Schwimmer! Both Universal Account Servicing and Duvera Financial have sworn in court documents that based on their involvement with Accomplish Learning Group, Jensen and Christner are "running Accomplish Learning."Oh, did we mention... Accomplish Learning Group's business license is now on display at The Black Box Firm office? For two separate companies... and two so-called totally foreign to each other... course is that a lot of links. And it's sure more involvement is by Aaron Christner or Ryan Jensen in a company, they say that they have nothing to do with! So why would Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen bother or even care to hide the ties between Accomplish Learning Group and The Black Box Firm? Why- because Accomplish Learning Group is nothing more than a telemarketing phone operation, a boiler-room of phoners. And on September 22, 2010, both Aaron Vincent Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen had their privileges to operate telemarketing rooms revoked by the State of Utah (Legal File No 72670). Here, both Aaron Vincent Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen were found to have operated a telephone soliciting business and have been ordered to:
cease and desist from soliciting prospective purchasers while not registered as a telephone soliciting business...
They get caught doing that again, and its felony time... So it is in Aaron Vincent Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen's best interest to not be seen to operate any telemarketing firm. So what we write here is very much speculation, but unfortunately, Jensen and Chrisnter are very good at muddying the waters. This blog presents the facts; We interpret it in a way, someone else the interpreter in a different way. Ultimately, it is the manner in which the courts interpret the things that will be Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen a new home. Fortunately, the courts saw through Christner and small masquerade Jensen, and know exactly what they are doing: they are trying to circumvent the law and direct businesses of telemarketing in total violation of the court orders excluding them from this privilege. April 2, 2012, Traci Gundersen, Director of the Utah consumer protection Division said in her order against Christner and Jensen:
Jensen and Christner are the actual principals behind both Black Box Firm and Accomplish Learning and have attempted to evade Division orders to cease and desist telemarketing actions.In order to secure a telemarketing permit, Jensen and Christner, knowing their names could not be associated with a telemarketing permit in Utah, used both Accomplish Learning and Hughes to secure a telemarketing permit... despite standing cease and desist orders and fines against these two individuals and their prior companies.
(emphasis added)
So... is Accomplish Learning Group the same company As The Black Box Firm? Utah courts say so. Did Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen attempt to hide their involvement... looks like it.

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