Friday, May 17, 2013

Christner and Jensen Escape Utah Fines Because Francine Giani Did Not Want To Piss Off John Swallow

Slow movement on enforcement of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection judgments against Aaron Vincent Christner (aka Vince Scarpussi) and Ryan Scott Jensen (aka Ari Schwimmer) may be because Utah Department of Commerce Director Francine Giani did not want to piss off embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow. Traci Gundersen-the Director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection- was prepared to file a complaint accusing the then-candidate for attorney general John Swallow of breaking Utah State Bar Association rules after he met with Aaron Christner, then fined and under additional investigation by Consumer Protection.

According to a story my KUTV's Matt Gephardt, Giani advised Gundersen, “Don’t do it.” Gundersen confirmed this saying, “It was represented to me that I could file it if I really felt it was necessary but that if I were to do so it would probably ruin my career. I think [Swallow] was viewed at this powerful figure,” Gundersen continued. “If you put your neck out on the line for something like this then you risk being stepped on in retaliation for it."  Gundersen also told KUTV's Matt Gephardt that she chose not to file at that time, in part, because she feared disobeying Giani. Gundersen says she thought she might lose her job which she needed for health insurance coverage for her two young children.
Aaron Chrisnter and John Swallow
This all would have taken place im May and June 2012, when Aaron Vincent Christner taped conversations with candidate John Swallow and asked the candidate to get the Utah Division of Consumer Protection off his back. Subsequently, Christner released the tape of the conversation to the press. John Swallow seemed to also imply that if Christner could pony up a good donation to his campaign, Swallow would make life a lot easier for the convicted scammer. Swallow also promised that the division would lose it autonomy, and he would take control of the Division under the AG's office.

So at the same time Aaron Christner creates the illusion in the media that he is somehow being protected by Swallow, Utah Department of Commerce Director Francine Giani is essentially quashing an investigation into that relationship by the Director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, Traci Gundersen.  It was not until Traci Gundersen had resigned from Utah Division of Consumer Protection that she felt able to file the complaint against the Attorney General.

In hind-sight, Gundersen says she regrets not filing the complaint sooner but it seemed clear to her that her boss did not want her to go after John Swallow. Gundersen said she was disappointed that she did not have Giani’s support to file the complaint. She says she ultimately made the decision to file it after resigning from Consumer Protection because she felt it was the right thing to do on behalf of Utah consumers.

It was a courageous move because she has nothing to gain personally from doing so and she had been warned it could cost her future employment.  And, in the meantime, because of all the politicking between the AG, Consumer Protection and the Utah Department of Commerce, the criminals have escaped. Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen have now moved out of the state of Utah without being held accountable for their actions. They have been fined, to be sure, but the fines have never been enforced. They have essentially gotten off scot-free, to run their scams unimpeded in Colorado.

Thanks to the cronyism and ass-kissing that is Utah government. You have to give the Utah Division of Consumer Protection for trying- they got substancial fines against these two crooks- but when the fear of pissing off the AG sets the policy rather than doing what is right, the Utah Consumers are the ultimate victims.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Now Ripping People Off In Denver as Advanced Web Solutions

The Black Box Firm has again renamed itself. Now the scam Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner are running is called Advanced Web Solutions, and they are now based in Denver. Same scam, these two have been chased out of Utah and Idaho for running telemarketing scams and so now they have set up a telemarketing scam in Colorado.

Things have obviously gotten too hot in Utah, with the Utah Department of Consumer Products nipping at the pairs heels. So, like when things got rough in Idaho a few years ago, Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner have pulled up stakes and moved to a new state. It may take a couple years for their pasts to catch up to them there, but here we are trying to warn people early that Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner will be scamming people in Denver.

Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner new scam company is called Advanced Web Solutions. They describe AWS as "a locally owned and operated web design marketing firm". They are trying to "sell a high volume of websitesand marketing packages too our vast network" (sic). As you can see, Aaron Christners’ proofreading skills have not improved with his move to the Mile High City.

Despite having Utah not only revoke their telemarketer license, and even go so far as to order them to refrain from telemarketing in that state, Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner are operating a new telemarketing company now in Colorado. The two convicted scammers are beginning a new "very aggressive telemarketing campaign" in a state that has not yet ordered them not to telemarket.

If you are contacted by Advanced Web Solutions, just know the history these two have ripping people off. Just know that they moved to Colorado because they had their telemarketer license revoked in Utah and Idaho. Now they have a long history of changing company names when the heat gets to hot on their current scams. If you are considering working for Advanced Web Solutions, look at their history of not paying employees.

Look how they always seem to have problems with their bank or payroll company, and they will get a check to you next week. They never do.... so be prepared to work for Advanced Web Solutions for free. If the past is any indication, (and with Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen, it seems to be- they never change their modus operandi), they rip their employees off just as often as they rip off their clients.

And if you are a business considering doing business with Advanced Web Solutions, be prepared for problems. Late payments are the least of your problems.... you get to look forward to bounced checks and ignored phone calls. get your payments in cash, and up front, or you may be left holding the bag with these two.

Bottom line, Advanced Web Solutions is just a new name for The Black Box Firm, which was just a new name for cyber innovations, which was just a retread of level 11 mentoring which was run the same way as diverse marketing. They are all scams for Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner to take your money.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vince Scarpuzi and Ryan Ari Schwimmer- Continuing On?

Well watch this Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen are struggling even more these days. More of the same old story... the same shady shenanigans that you expect from Vince Scarpuzi and Ryan Ari Schwimmer. On August 15, 2012 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection issued a Final Order by Default against The Black Box Firm LLC, Aaron Vincent Christner, Ryan Scott Jensen, and Josh Newel Reynolds ("Respondents"). The Respondents were ordered to cease and desist from:
a) soliciting prospective purchasers on behalf of a telephone soliciting business that is not registered with the Division or exempt from registration;
b) in connection with telephone solicitations, making or causing to be made untrue statements or failing to disclose material facts necessary to make any statements made not misleading;
c) failing to file the disclosures required under Utah Code Ann § 13-15-4; and
d) failing to provide prospective purchasers all of the information required under Utah Code Ann § 13-15-4 in a single disclosure statement or prospectus.
The Respondents were ordered also assessed and ordered to pay an administrative fine of $17,500.00. On October 2, 2012 Accomplish Learning Group LLC, The Black Box Firm LLC, Aaron Vincent Christner, and Ryan Scott Jensen were added to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection Buyer Beware List. The Buyer Beware List can be found here: Note Accomplish Learning on page 1, Black Box Firm on page 7, Christner, Arron Vincent on page 10, Cyber Innovations LLC on page 12, Jensen, Ryan Scott on page 24, Level 11 Mentoring on page 26, and Mad Cow Productions, LLC on page 27. It is also worth noting that Utah Division of Consumer Protection links both Ryan Scott Jensen and Aaron Vincent Christner's entries to Accomplish Learning Group LLC.
Now check this:
Maybe this is the adding up and Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen are packing it in??? Since November, Vince Scarpuzi and Ryan Ari Schwimmer tried to throw all their equipment out with ads that say, "Web design and marketing company closing!!" and "liquidation of all property."
This announcement is interesting, these are booths Accomplish Learning ... you know, the company Aaron Vincent Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen say they have nothing to do with .... but they sell the equipment for. Hmmmm ....
If the past is any indicator, they're just moving to a new scam. They are always running the keeping-it-fresh site, and maybe they just want to run this site by themselves. There is also an indication that they start a new company called "One Touch Media" It is not for you, but just be on your guard!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aaron and Ryan Don't Like Bad Press

It looks like Aaron and Ryan Jensen Christner do not like to see the truth about their business on line. Two days ago, they tried to hire a hacker to take the site down. Fortunately, we have a lot of friends out there who has alerted us on the situation, and we were able to get a screenshot of Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen try to hire a hacker illegally break into this page. See for yourself.
Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen Offer To Hack Wordpress Site
We started this site to let people know the truth about Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen and their shady business dealings, to let people know the truth about how these people not only run their business, but treat those they do business with. They do not support the truth, and they hate the fact that this site is putting out the truth about them. They seem determined, also. It says a LOT about the sort of person that Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen are that their first reaction to the truth is not to respond and try and defend themselves, but to sling mud, obscure the real facts, and finally resort to illegal hacking. That says a lot indeed.
It does not matter if they have to do something illegal it is how they work. This should tell you a strong insight about the kind of character of Vince Scarpuzzi and Ari Schwimmer.
How about you guys? You want the password of this site? What is worth to you? That it worth our time, and instead of paying a hacker maybe we will sell this site to you directly! NOT!