Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Aaron and Ryan Don't Like Bad Press

It looks like Aaron and Ryan Jensen Christner do not like to see the truth about their business on line. Two days ago, they tried to hire a hacker to take the site down. Fortunately, we have a lot of friends out there who has alerted us on the situation, and we were able to get a screenshot of Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen try to hire a hacker illegally break into this page. See for yourself.
Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen Offer To Hack Wordpress Site
We started this site to let people know the truth about Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen and their shady business dealings, to let people know the truth about how these people not only run their business, but treat those they do business with. They do not support the truth, and they hate the fact that this site is putting out the truth about them. They seem determined, also. It says a LOT about the sort of person that Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen are that their first reaction to the truth is not to respond and try and defend themselves, but to sling mud, obscure the real facts, and finally resort to illegal hacking. That says a lot indeed.
It does not matter if they have to do something illegal it is how they work. This should tell you a strong insight about the kind of character of Vince Scarpuzzi and Ari Schwimmer.
How about you guys? You want the password of this site? What is worth to you? That it worth our time, and instead of paying a hacker maybe we will sell this site to you directly! NOT!

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