Friday, April 12, 2013

Now Ripping People Off In Denver as Advanced Web Solutions

The Black Box Firm has again renamed itself. Now the scam Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner are running is called Advanced Web Solutions, and they are now based in Denver. Same scam, these two have been chased out of Utah and Idaho for running telemarketing scams and so now they have set up a telemarketing scam in Colorado.

Things have obviously gotten too hot in Utah, with the Utah Department of Consumer Products nipping at the pairs heels. So, like when things got rough in Idaho a few years ago, Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner have pulled up stakes and moved to a new state. It may take a couple years for their pasts to catch up to them there, but here we are trying to warn people early that Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner will be scamming people in Denver.

Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner new scam company is called Advanced Web Solutions. They describe AWS as "a locally owned and operated web design marketing firm". They are trying to "sell a high volume of websitesand marketing packages too our vast network" (sic). As you can see, Aaron Christners’ proofreading skills have not improved with his move to the Mile High City.

Despite having Utah not only revoke their telemarketer license, and even go so far as to order them to refrain from telemarketing in that state, Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner are operating a new telemarketing company now in Colorado. The two convicted scammers are beginning a new "very aggressive telemarketing campaign" in a state that has not yet ordered them not to telemarket.

If you are contacted by Advanced Web Solutions, just know the history these two have ripping people off. Just know that they moved to Colorado because they had their telemarketer license revoked in Utah and Idaho. Now they have a long history of changing company names when the heat gets to hot on their current scams. If you are considering working for Advanced Web Solutions, look at their history of not paying employees.

Look how they always seem to have problems with their bank or payroll company, and they will get a check to you next week. They never do.... so be prepared to work for Advanced Web Solutions for free. If the past is any indication, (and with Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen, it seems to be- they never change their modus operandi), they rip their employees off just as often as they rip off their clients.

And if you are a business considering doing business with Advanced Web Solutions, be prepared for problems. Late payments are the least of your problems.... you get to look forward to bounced checks and ignored phone calls. get your payments in cash, and up front, or you may be left holding the bag with these two.

Bottom line, Advanced Web Solutions is just a new name for The Black Box Firm, which was just a new name for cyber innovations, which was just a retread of level 11 mentoring which was run the same way as diverse marketing. They are all scams for Ryan Jensen and Aaron Christner to take your money.